Support Team

If you have any questions or concerns, please write into us at our support desk.

Please remember to submit any queries from an email associated with an administrator account in the platform - this allows us to confirm you are indeed authorized to request information or make changes to the venue.

Issues are triaged and resolved on a ‘best effort’ Basis Communication Standards.

What to include

When reporting an issue, please include the following:

  • Full store name (as it appears in the dashboard’s top-left corner)

  • A summary of the issue encountered

  • The number of stores affected

  • Example test cases illustrating the issue (e.g. order numbers, specific promotion names, specific item names etc)

  • If possible (and relevant), please include screenshots or videos of the issue manifesting, or any other details that might help us reproduce the issue you’re seeing.

Operating Hours

We operate on a Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm basis for all queries, and we have a light support system in place during outside of this.

On the evenings and weekends a dedicated member of the support team will answer any ‘P1’ critical issues. These are defined as issues that are causing you to fail to be able to take orders.

Whenever you’re raising a new issue, please write a new email to rather than replying to an old thread - this will ensure the fastest response times.


First Response Time - This is the period between the customer submitting a service request and a member of the support team responding with acceptance of the issue
Resolution Time - This is the period between acceptance of the issue by a member of the support team and the issue being marked as resolved. It should be noted that this time period can be influenced by factors outside of QikServe's control such as:

  • Slow or no response from the customer to a request from QikServe for additional information

  • Escalation time between QikServe and third-party vendors

  • Confirmation of a bug where resolution requires development and release of the software

In these instances resolution time, SLAs will not apply

Severity Level

First Response Time

Resolution Time

Severity 1

1 Business Hour

4 Business Hours

Severity 2

2 Business Hours

8 Business Hours

Severity 3

6 Business Hours

8 Business Hours

Severity 4

24 Business Hours

48 Business Hours

Status Page

Sign up to our status page to get alerts when either QikServe or one of it’s partners (POS, Payment etc) are experiencing issues. You can sign up to receive all alerts or customise your service. We will endeavour to let you know when we have found an issue and when it is resolved.