Events Venues

If you have a calendar of events, such as you might expect at a cinema, theatre or sports stadium, then we turn your venue into an Events venue for you. Simply write to us at and we’ll configure it for you.

Events are setup at specific times and days, with customised time slots for each event to order for, such as ‘pre-show' and ‘half time/interval’. An events venue allows customers to order more than 7 days in advance if desired.

A lot of the Dashboard you will be familiar with if you have experience with a regular venue. The Outlets tool becomes more prominent, and now we have the Events and Collection Slots areas. 

The customer journey on an Event venue:

An event venue is a different product to our ‘regular’ venues and is not suitable in most cases for those who want to offer advanced ordering of more than a week, unless you operate on an events based schedule. These are some of the events based features that may hinder your ‘regular’ venue business should you choose to setup as an events venue:

  • Wording used through site suggests events can can't be customised

  • As customers choose a date from a calendar that appears when they land on the site, they have to know the dates that you have events set up for so this needs to be communicated elsewhere to them

  • There is no delivery service – collection/to seat only

  • There is no ability to cap the number of orders per service

  • Opening hours are managed by segmented collection slots

Event guides & information