Managing Orders

Whereas the Dashboard is the place where you set up your venue, the Orders page is the main tool used to fulfil your orders. It allows you to see new orders in real time, to print the orders to the kitchen, manage the status of an order, and to send notifications to the customers.

See our list of recommended equipment for managing orders:


Accessing the orders page

  1. Open the orders page at

  2. Log in using the same details used in the dashboard. If you don’t have an account for the dashboard, ask an administrator user to create one for you

  3. Once logged in, if your venue has multiple outlets, you’ll have the option to choose the ones you would like to display, or simply leave all options unchecked to display all of the orders:

  4. At this stage you can also set whether you’d like to auto accept new orders, and whether you’d like to automatically print any new orders too. It will depend on how automated or manual a process you’d like your order management to be.

Managing orders

By default, you will see a “List” view of the existing orders, displaying the order number, order type (Delivery, Collection or To Seat), customer name and ordered items and other details:

You can click on any order to bring up more details:

From this screen, you can accept/reject orders (unless auto-accept is enabled), you can set their status (preparing/completed) or send notifications to customers. You can also use the buttons at the top to cancel an order (or mark it as no-show), and to print the order (for example - to your kitchen printer).

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