Getting Started - Steps to go Live


Welcome to your new QikServe Online Ordering venue! Once you have received your dashboard invitation email (please check your spam/junk folder, the link expires in 7 days) follow the steps outlined below to setup your venue and start taking orders today. This guide is in addition to our training calls which you and any colleagues are welcome to join - see the info box below.

If you haven’t received your dashboard invite within 7 working days of submitting your Build Form, contact us at

Onboarding training calls are available twice a week - simply book here. You, your staff or colleagues, can attend the onboarding call as many times as you’d like! We also record these and email them out to you so you have a record to go back to.

Steps to going Live

Log into your dashboard and find your weborders page

All changes to a venue are made through The Dashboard. To access your dashboard, log into using the account created through our dashboard invite email. The email looks like this and is from


To find the webpage your customers will see (the public URL of your store), in your Dashboard go to Styling → Web Orders Styling → Preview in Browser. This will open your customer-facing page in a new tab.

Venue settings

  1. Venue SettingsDetails: Add your address and contact details, and make sure that the blue marker pin on the map correctly shows your address (you can manually move the pin if needed). The details are visible to your customers on the Contact section of the web ordering page, and the location is used to calculate delivery distances and fees, so it’s important they are correct!
    Tip: If you can’t save your changes, look for the text box highlighted in red and fill this in too.


  2. Venue Settings → Services: We offer 3 types of services which you can toggle on and off as highlighted on the image below:


    1. Collection - customer orders ahead, then collects their order at a specific time

    2. Delivery - customer orders for delivery to an address at a specific time

      1. Offering delivery? Make sure to set a delivery zone

    3. To Seat - designed to be used as an alternative to regular table service - customers can sit down and order to their table or seat

      1. set up To Seat service

  3. Now set the Order Capacities per service

  4. And then apply these to your Opening and Service Hours

  5. Set your Preparation Times

Taking Payment

A key step in getting up and running is setting up your venue to receive payments. We do have a “Cash” option, which can be useful for collection venues. However, the vast majority of venues will want to add an e-commerce payment gateway, to allow them to accept online payment at the time of order.

We work with multiple payment gateways and to get an up-to-date list of the options please contact us at

You are able to configure Stripe as a payment gateway from the Dashboard, and it takes roughly 15 minutes to create an account and connect it to your QikServe Dashboard. To do so, simply enable Stripe using the toggle on the top-right of the Payments section on your Dashboard, click the “Go To Stripe” button and follow the steps.

Read more about Payments in the Payment types article

Set up your Menu

As part of your Venue Build a menu should be part created to show you how to continue. The menu is the main page your customer interacts with for your venue, and you might want to make changes or adjustments before you go live. Read more about fleshing out your menu here create menu items and add modifiers

Invite other users

You might want to allow other users to access the dashboard or the orders page. Go to Manage Users and click the blue '+' sign to Invite a new user:

Simply add the name, email and select the right permissions, then click Send Invite. The user will receive a link allowing them to set up their new account. This link expires in 7 days so you may have to resend it if they miss this window. Make sure to have them check their spam/junk folder, just in case.

The orders screen

This information refers to stand-alone QikServe configurations; for POS-integrated setups, orders should be printed and managed through the POS itself.

Whereas the Dashboard is the place where you set up your venue and configure what your customers will see, the Orders page (or the Preoday Printer app) is the main tool used to actually fulfil those orders. Find your Orders page by logging in on

Using the orders screen, you can:

  • See new orders coming in

  • Accept / reject / progress the order status.

  • Print the orders to your kitchen printer (optional)

  • Send order-related notifications to the customer via email.

Read more about Managing Orders

Systems status' and running tests

At this point, you should be ready to start taking orders! Before you do that however, it’s always a good idea to do a few test orders to make sure everything is working and looking as expected.

System Status

We have three modes your venue can be in and each allow different capabilities for your customer facing Online Ordering page; Live, Demo mode and Offline. Here is a description of each:

Demo mode: this is the mode that your Dashboard will be delivered to you in. It allows you to test any changes you make in a demo environment. Those who you share the ordering page with are able to see your site and your menu, create an account and even make a demo order - however they will never be charged for these orders. Once you come out of Demo mode you can’t go back into it, you only have the choice of Live or Offline.

Live mode: exactly as it sounds, this is for when you are ready to take and to fulfil orders

Offline mode: if you need to stop your customers from seeing your webpage completely then select Offline mode and they will get a message to say that you are offline and not taking orders at the moment.

Test Orders

  1. Set your venue to Demo Mode, using the dropdown on the top. The demo mode allows you to place and accept orders as normal - the only difference is that no payments will be processed.


  2. Open your public Web ordering page (the one your customers will see) by going to Styling → Web Orders → Preview in Browser. The URL in the page that opens is what you will need to share with your customers when you are ready for them to see it.


  3. From your public Online Ordering page, place some test orders; in demo mode, no payment will be taken, but you will be able to view the regular order journey.

    1. From the customer’s side, you should see an order confirmation page, and you should receive the order confirmation email

    2. From the venue side, you should be able to view and processed the order through the Orders page. See more on managing orders

  4. Use the demo mode to experiment with any changes you might like to make, and to get comfortable with the overall functioning of the system before going to live. Once a venue is set to “Live”, demo mode will no longer be available.

You can only test your payment integration in Live mode. Once you come out of Demo you must change to Offline first before being able to test in Demo.

For card payments, orders are pre-authenticated (a hold is put on the funds) when the order is placed, but the customer is only charged once the order is accepted. You can configure your system to accept orders automatically if you’d like customers to be charged straight away.

The actual processing of payments is done by your configured payment gateway, rather than the QikServe system. Once an order is accepted, the only way to refund it is through your payment gateway’s interface. Read more here.

Go Live!

Once you’re happy with your test results, simply switch the venue status to Live, and let your customers know about it by sharing your URL with them! You are now ready to take and fulfil online orders!

To find the webpage your customers will see (the public URL of your store), in your Dashboard go to Styling → Web Orders → Preview in Browser. This will open your customer-facing page in a new tab.

Status Page

Sign up to our Status Page to get alerts when either QikServe or one of it’s partners (POS, Payment etc) are experiencing issues. You can sign up to receive all alerts or customise your service. We will endeavour to let you know when we have found an issue and when it is resolved.